Bisoli to turn 工作室什么游戏赚钱项目Bologna round

The Felsinei have在线外围投注 had a disastrous start to the season after two consecutive defeats and travel to Turin for a Mission Impossible against the current Serie A leaders.

“We need to find our motivation,” said Bisoli. “We’re playing against a big team in a wonderful stadium.

Pierpaolo Bisoli concedes Bologna need “a rapid change of direction” against Juventus tomorrow night.

Bologna have yet to score a single goal and, were it not for Atalanta’s six-point penalty, would be propping up the table.

Andrea Raggi will not take part, 澳门外围投注as he has dislocated his right shoulder and will be ou皇冠外围投注t of action for three weeks.

“We’ve got to build one brick at a time with great sacrifice. I will try to give this team a rapid change of direction to put us on the right path.”

Bologna squad: Agliardi, Gillet; Antonsson, Crespo, Garics, Morleo, Portanova, Rickler; Casarini, Kone, Krhin, Mudingayi, Perez, Pulzetti; Acquafresca, Di Vaio, Diamanti, Paponi, Ramirez, Vantaggiato